The National Certificated Fishing Officers Association was established on 5 September 1947 involved predominantly in the Inshore and Deep Sea Fishing sub-sectors. The association has up until 2002 remained nonaligned. Whereas the management of the organization is vested in the hands of an Executive Committee (all members of the organization) comprising of:;

Faisal Riley - Chairman,
Ronald Cottee - Vice Chairman,
Leslie Ernstzen - Treasurer,
2 Senior Shop Stewards and 2 Trustees

exploitation of employees, the environment and the vicious plundering of fishing grounds local and Internationally.  We encourage our members to be conservation conscious and to manage the resource that ensures their livelihood.


Since the launch of the NCFAWU web page in June 2003, a number of disturbing developments had transpired in the fishing industry.  We will attempt highlight some of these developments and further give the views of the organization in this regard.

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